E-coating is a protective finishing treatment with a long life time and high resistance
that works extremely well against oxidation and allows to reduce the thickness of the gold coating applied.
This peculiarity has made it replace antitarnishing which has been forgotten.

At the beginning of 2003, with its innovative company policy, TGS decided to invest in this new kind of treatment, which at that time was known only in America and was very little spread.

We were assured that it would have given us a lot of professional satisfaction and so it has been.

“Our” e-coating is the added value to the one known and experimented by the majority of companies.

The setting up of this process has needed years of attempts. Failures were almost every day. There were two main obstacles to overcome. The first was the application of this cataphoretic varnish on objects in cave tubes (items that have always been proof of the quality of our galvanic bath); the second was to manage to apply an extremely transparent product, not tending to yellow and without a “plastic” visual effect.

It was a challenge demanding a big effort, staring from the search for the best base materials capable of granting both resistance and versatility of use.

We won the challenge, even if we had to accept some limits in the applicability of this process that even now do not consent to apply it on some items.

But TGS will not give up. Daily we are here to challenge those limits and we will keep on until we are able to overcome them.

The company staff is at your disposal for trials and samplings.

> Brief card of the e-coating treatment