Galvanic Treatments

Our galvanic treatments have long excluded the presence of nickel and bronze.
Please note that the bronze deposit (gold or white) is illegal on the silver items (D.P.R. n. 150-30/05/02)

An alternative to using polished metals is our section devoted to polishing and our sifters. Their aim is to give brightness to your surfaces.

Please note that our galvanic cannot be used on base metals such as: TIN -  ZAMA - IRON - STEEL - ALLUMINIUM.

SILVER-PLATING: deposits pure silver 999/1000 and is used as a base to assist the brightness of subsequent deposits the thickness is 4-5 micron.

GOLD-PLATING: deposits 23 kt gold. The maximum thickness can be of 0,10-0,20 micron or 1 micron.

RHODIUM-PLATING: deposits pure rhodium. Rhodium is considered a precious metal. Our galvanic treatment gives a thickness of  0,10-0,12 micron.

PALLADIO-PLATING: deposits pure palladium, a light-grey metal, thickness of 0.30 micron.

BROWN-PLATING: deposits gold but its colour tends to brown (also known as CHOCOLATE or MORDORE’).

BLACK-RHODIUM: deposits pure rhodium which is known as “gun-barrel”.

ANCIENT STYLE GOLD OR ROSE: classic decorative combination for jewels with an ancient effect.

TWO-COLOUR: (silver/gold - rhodium/gold - rhodium/rosé - rhodium/gold, etc.)

THREE-COLOUR: (silver/gold/rosé - rhodium/gold/rosé)

ANTITARNISH TREATMENT: a treatment which protects jewels while they are held in stock. This treatment quickly loses efficacy when in contact with the skin.

E-COATING TREATMENT: cataphoretic coating or varnishing by liquid immersion and baked in the oven at 120 degrees. It provides protection against oxidation and usure.

RESTORATION WORKS OF ITEMS WHICH ARE DISASSEMBLED AND POLISHED: we restore objects that have suffered from atmospheric oxidation. We verify the dimensions of the objects in relation to the size of the equipment and offer a quotation for each product.

We cannot galvanize surfaces that have not been polished.