TGS snc has worked in the field of “special galvanic treatments” since 1989.

During the past 20 years, the firm has always found new solutions to “dress” the original creations of its customers.

The diligent staff (15 employed) is specialized in galvanic treatment of empty items: in gold, silver, brass, bronze (except items in electroform) and are experienced in solving the ancient problems of jewels.

In the past, we utilised the anti-tarnish treatment and now the cataphoretic varnish e-coating.

It is a transparent and fast, invisible application which guarantees long life, inalterability of the surfaces and protection from natural superficial oxidation.

In order to offer a complete service, our firm is equipped with a section devoted to polishing. Hand polishing is necessary to obtain the perfect brightness for the bright surfaces.

Polishing is recommended after silver-plating in order to provide the best base for the subsequent galvanic treatments.

For best results, the staff uses different types of sifters and traditional polishers
The TGS staff is at your disposal to provide personalized and targeted solutions.

Our professionalism starts with the collection of your goods, continues with rigorous quality control and ends with delivery of the goods direct to you (for customers located in Vicenza).

Feel free to contact us and entrust us with your creations.